We <3 Robotics!

Welcome to FIRST Team 3038 ICE's website! Here you will find everything you need to know about our team. We created this site as a resource for team members to use and as a window for our community to look through and see what we really are all about. As Professor Woody Flowers once said, "Societies get the best of what they celebrate." We are just showing everyone what there is to celebrate.
 Recent News
                    Thursday, Friday and Saturday we went to the 10,000 Lakes Regional. We placed 3 over all, being picked for alliances with 2832, and 4536. We made it to the Semifinals and got beaten by teams 525, 2052, and 3018 in a tie. We are hoping to be picked for State, we are waiting to be told in the beginning of May. Stay tuned till then!