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Meet the Mentors

Our mentors do a lot for us. Some of them do paperwork, some make food on long Saturdays during the build season, and some help with problem solving. We are always thankful for them. Here is a place for you to meet them and see what their careers are.
Becky Leuer - Becky has been mentoring our team for seven years and was one of the people to help create a team at our schools.  She does a lot of the logistics for our team, such as keeping track of our finances and making sure we are registered for events. Becky used to work at North Branch Area High School as the Activities Director, but retired a few years ago. She now works to keep our schools as energy efficient as possible.

Ken Cummings - Ken has been mentoring our team for seven years. He helps kids with mechanical aspects of the robot. He is also really good at researching new ideas and finding parts for good prices.
Barb Cummings - We often call Barb our seamstress. She helps with anything she can, but she often helps with artsy things, like making flags, mascot outfits, or bumpers. She like her husband has been with us for seven years.
Tim Courant - Tim has been mentoring our team for five years. He helps with mechanical aspects of the robot.
Tomy Cummings - Tomy is a former member of our team. He graduated in 2011 and came back to help mentor with programming. Is is currently a full time student at Century College as well. He was and is the backbone of teams programming section, and we are very lucky to have him.