Community Events

    This was our rookie year. After being at the competition, we had a better idea of what we should do. The team went and visited the Taylor's Falls Elementary School, part of the Chisago Lakes school district. There the team showed the robot to the young students with the hopes that they will be interested in it some days. It sounds like there were quite a few kids who really enjoyed it.
    The team also went to a local town called Harris for their Pioneer Days festival. Once again, children seemed to be really interested. Maybe someday we will see one of them on our team.
    By this year, we really had things figured out. A lot of people wanted to hear and see us after our trip to the Championships in Atlanta, Georgia. our first outing involved presenting our robot to the North Branch Rotary Club on June 28. They were very excited to have us come in. The ideas of FIRST really inspired them and they enjoyed hearing our first-hand experiences of the program.
     The next place we brought it to was once again, to the Harris Pioneer Days. It was very similar to the previous year. Kids seemed to really enjoy, especially since this robot kicked balls.
    We brought the robot to another local town, Stacy, for their one day mini carnival called Stacy Daze. We had a nice booth set up with pictures and information. We had quite a few people come over to check out our robot. A lot of adults came over because they were so interested in the mechanical aspects of the robot. Many said they wished their schools had programs like FIRST in their schools when they were younger. It was a lot of fun to see so much local interest. We even got to walk through the parade!
    The last event for our summer was bringing our robot to the Minnesota State Fair for a mini, made up competition. It was a lot of fun to compete in something that was different from that year's competition. Our robot kind of struggled though. It was getting to the end of its life. Let's just say our robot lost its nuts and bolts. We still had a fun time, but it was sad to see our robot struggling so much.
    As well as being in our community, we also brought FIRST into the community of our school better that year. Before the school year began, we had a booth at both of the schools' Freshmen Orientations. They seemed to go over quite well. We often work at our schools' concession stands to raise money for our team and to present our robots. Around Christmas time, we decided to sell ornaments with our schools' logos on them to raise money as well. It seemed to be popular with parents.
     At our schools' pep rallies we were able, for the first time, to speak about the progress of our robot. Also when we had been in Atlanta at the Championship, there were many classmates that watched  us online while we competed. It was very exciting for us to use that as a way to spread the word of FIRST.  
    This year we worked at our schools' concession stands quite a bit again, like last year. We also were able to participate in pep rallies. During the summer we weren't able to do as much because our robot was not functioning like it should have. We did have a team workshop though that you can check out under the "Team Events" tab. Before school started, we had a booth at both of our schools' Open Houses. We were able to promote and gain interest in our team, as well as recruit new members. During the fall, we had opportunities to work at our schools' concessions to raise money. We sold Christmas ornaments like we had done the previous year as well.

  This year we had done concessions at the County market over the summer. We had gotten a lot of tips and we had up two stands with FRC and FTC answering questions of people who stopped by. We let kids drive around the robots and gave parents information brochures, also sign up sheets about FLL, FTC, and FRC. After that we had gone to the state fair and we had gained first place! We also demonstrated our robot for a day and had a mini competition including parking, showing off what we did, explained what our robot did and chasing other robots! We were also in the parade! During the open house at North Branch we had an informational booth for students and parents. We had gained new members from both schools! During the school year we did concessions for sports. We did great this year for Community events! 

    This year we did concessions at the local County market in North Branch and we also were at the State Fair! We had gotten 2nd over all the robots there! Very impressive! During that day we answered questions and had a competition showing off what we could do. Also showing a video of us on the news answering questions about FRC during the competition at the Williams Arena! After that we had let kids and adults drive our robot!  Later on that day we were able to be in the parade! We got a picture with Ronald McDonald! During open house we had a booth up with information about robotics. During school we did concessions during sports games and raised money! Overall this year we had a great turn out for Community events! 
    This year we have done a concessions booth at our home game for basketball! We just held an FTC competition this Saturday and Sunday. We had an amazing turn out of 48 teams from both days! We did concessions ,MCed, did the clock, cuing for teams, and also helped with scoring. We raised money also for Kody's family. The money was put toward the medical bills. Thank you for coming!