Website Links

Here are some links to websites that we use to share what is happening on our team. We also have links that serve as a resource for us during and after the build season.
    This is the website for the FIRST Robotics program. Here you will find all the information you could ever want about this program and its doings. This site is a must see for anyone new to this program.
    This is the website for the Minnesota FIRST regional information. This is a great resource to find out what is going on locally concerning FIRST Robotics.
    Anyone who is a senior MUST check this out. It is a very handy and easy way to look for scholarships. You would be crazy not to use this!. Remember; one in three applicants for FIRST scholarships will recieve one.
    This link is a good one to use to have serious discussions about FIRST information.
    This is a good way to hear things directly from the director of FRC. It is a nice way for students to stay connected with officials at FIRST.
    We use Facebook as a way for team members to communicate easily with each other. Parents and supporters also like it because we update it a lot during competition.
    YouTube is a good way for us to show progress on our robots with other teams, and see how are teams are doing with their own robots. 
    This site is probably one of the most important resources we have. Cheif Delphi is a forum for all FIRST teams to share ideas, solve problems, and talk with one another about equipment. We have used Cheief Delphi countless times. It more often than not has saved us a lot of frusteration.
    This site gives statistics about other teams in an easy, efficient way.
    This is a link for one of our school districts involved in our team. We put them on here in case anyone was curious about our schools.
    This is the link for the other school district that is involved in our team. Check them out if your curious about where we come from.