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10,000 Lakes Regional: Day 1

posted Mar 29, 2012, 9:14 PM by I.C.E. 3038
Today was the first day of the 10,000 Lakes Regional. The first day is always just a practice day. It gave us time to put our new arm on our robot. We are using that arm to push the bridge down that we are trying to balance on. We were able to practice two times today. Both times the autonomous programming worked well. The first time, we almost made a couple baskets. The second time, we made two baskets. During the driving portion, the robot performed well too, despite having a few programming troubles. It was a good day. We passed our inspection three pounds underweight and haven't had any mechanical problems yet. We are on a roll!
Tomorrow the seeding matches begin, in which we will begin racking up points to try to make it to the finals.
A reminder to members: the bus leaves at 7am tomorrow. Try to be there early. We must be on the field at 8:15am, so it is critical we get there on time. We have no time to waste!