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Notes from November 15's meeting

posted Nov 16, 2011, 4:00 PM by I.C.E. 3038
Here's some updates from last night's meeting:
We added three new members. We now have a total number of 36 people, with seven more possible people.
Students signed up for their area of interest/committee. If you missed it, let Becky Leuer know where you would like to be. Remember that you can try out anything and you are not stuck in one area. We are hear to explore all aspects!
The schedule for the North Branch craft fair is as follows:
9am-12pm Noah H. and Jake H.
12pm-3pm Mike S. and Makkena P.
2:30pm-4pm Marjorie O. and ?
The t-shirt design was finalized. All team members will get a shirt and new members will get a hat (same as last year)
Veterans worked on the t-shirt shooter and the programming students made great progress.
Newer team members began taking apart the robot from last year and examined how the electronics, motors, and design worked together.
We will be building a second robot during the season so all newer team members get hands on experience. It will not be a competition robot, but will have a specific task it must perform.
We will not be going to the GO FIRST event as a group on December 3 because we feel our pre-season meetings will give our new members what they need to know to be ready for the season.
The MN Splash event will be a webinar. When the dates and times are released, Becky Leuer will get them to us via email so students can take part.
Team members are encouraged to go to Prior Lake this weekend to see a competition using last year's robot. It starts at about 9am and will go until 2pm. Car pools are encouraged.
We explained that for now, to reach the website, google "FIRST team 3038". We are currently working on changing the web address to the original We will let you know when that change occurs. Also, you can subscribe to the calendar on this site by clicking the google calendar button in the bottom right hand corner. It will link the team calendar to your own personal calendar. That way you can stay up to date easier.
Our next meeting will be November 29. More details to come later.
Have a nice day!