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Students, here is some homework to do before Monday...

posted Jan 7, 2012, 7:28 PM by I.C.E. 3038   [ updated Jan 9, 2012, 1:28 PM ]
As you should all know, we will be getting together on Monday, January 9 from 6-9pm, at Chisago Lakes Hihg School. Please get there on time, as this is a another crucial design day. Before you get there though, you need to READ THE GAME MANUAL. Know it cover to cover. It will make the design process a lot easier and we won't end up with any unexpected and unwanted surprises at the end of the build season.
On Monday, bring your ideas, ready to sell. The more professional your presentation, the more likely people will be to agree with you and like it. A picture is worth a thousand words...Bring Lego models, sketches, PowerPoints, and the best one for this year, a simulation. Tomy sent out an email during the Kickoff today with the link for the new simulation software, along with the passwords for signing in. Here is the link, but you will have to get the passwords from the email: .
On Monday, we will also be discussing deadlines and a more up to date schedule (depends on how confident we feel at he end of the designing). We will talk about safety as well. Safety is the key to having fun. EVERYONE MUST HAVE SAFETY GLASSES! You can not come near the robot without them. If the robot is the room, you must have them on as well. NO EXCEPTIONS!
On Tuesday, January 10, we will be meeting again, 6-9pm at Chisago Lakes High School. We will be making a decision on what we are going to build. We will also create sub-teams to work on different aspects of the robot.
In case you are not aware of this, the entire build season is done at Chisago Lakes High School. We meet in the room off of the commons area. If you come in the main entrance and walk down the hallway, you will come upon a lower-set commons area to your left. The room we are in is the only room with lights on directly off of the commons area.  
Ken also sent out an email with some good points when you are thinking of a design. They are as follows:
-Base frame is 28" x 38" max
-Start height is 60" max with an absolute height of 84"
- Bumper zone 2" to 10", meaning no less than 2" from floor to bottom of bumpers and no more than 10" from floor to top of bumpers. Plywood for the back of the bumpers is 5". Max from floor to bottom of the bumpers is 5".
- The barriers are 4" high x 6" wide.
- 2012 Kit of Parts (KOP) MUST NOT mix with parts from other years. Any parts added to the robot has to be labeled and added to the Bill of Materials. NO EXCEPTIONS.
- Any additional motors added MUST have part numbers that match the listed numbers in the motor rules section 4.1.8 . They must also be added to the Bill of Materials (BOM)
-Technicalities for the wheels were not found, but keep in mind the zone for the bumpers. Bumpers cannot be outside of the base frame
-Keep your design simple with options that can be done if there istime.
We will build two identical robots. One will be completed with the 2012 Kit of Parts, and the other will be a practice robot to mess around with after the build season is done.
YouTube 2006 Aim High may give you some ideas.
Also, you are responsible for being aware of build days. Please use the calendar on here. Check it at the beginning of the week so you are aware of what's going on. It is not your parents' responsiblity to remind you everyday. If we add extra days, check on the website for all the updates.
See everyone on Monday!
PS- If you were not able to be at the Kickoff, the previous News entry has a link for the game animation. Watch it before you come to the meeting on Monday; it would be awkward if you didn't know what the game was.