Our Past

                            2009 Lunacy

This was the team's rookie year.  As with all first year teams, the group was pretty focused on just understanding what was going on.  We did pretty good even though we were only rookies. Here is a video of our first robot.
                         2010 Breakaway

This was our team's most successful year. The game was very similar to soccer. Here is the game video for Breakaway. The team made it to the finals at the 10,000 Lakes Minnesota Regional. We were on an alliance with Team 1714 and Team 2062 and won the competition. After we won, we had 10 days to try to raise enough money to go to the Championships in Atlanta, Georgia. Thanks to St. Jude Medical and other local sponsors, we were able to go. We took a 24 hour bus ride straight to Atlanta. It was a blast! In the end, we came to place 32nd in one of four divisions. We learned a lot and had a great experience.
                    2011  LogoMotion

After having such a successful previous year, 2011 was a little bit of a let down. Here is a a link for the game video for LogoMotion. Our robot didn't perform as well and we didn't place as high at the 10,000 Lakes Regional. We learned from our mistakes though, and that is the most important part of this program.
                    2012 Rebound Rumble

 This years robot went well! We placed well but, didn't go on for worlds. We learned an awful lot from teams and our mistakes.

 Here's the Video

2013 Ultimate Ascent
This Frisbee robot went well but, not as well as 2011. We didn't go
to the worlds but, we did place 5th and got picked as an alliance. Over all we did very well and learned from our mistakes.

                        2014 Aerial Assist

This year was about getting a huge ball through goals, by yourself or with cooperation with alliances. This year we did very well. Placing 3rd before the finals and 6th after the finals but, not going to worlds. Here's the game video. 

                                    2015 Recycle Rush                                                                                                             
This year we didn't do as well as we wanted to in 10,000 Lakes regional. With lifting totes and bins was difficult. The hardest part was stacking them without having the totes tip over. We didn't get picked for state but, we did exceptionally well. Here's the game video.

2016 Stronghold

This years robot did very well placing 20 out of 63 teams. We got picked as alliances and got 3rd over all. We are hoping to be picked for state and go on. We were close with going to worlds but, next year we will get there Here's the game video.

2017 Steam works 
Right now we are working on our robot and frame! 
Stay tuned for more information in the future!