Team Events

This was the first year our team had a summer workshop. Many students on the team had expressed interest in learning more about programming, In response, our programming mentor, Dave Johnson, offered to teach a class in mid-July. We worked on Macs and learned to create games and different apps for iPhones and other Apple products.  Many team members felt they had gained a lot of experience from it and had a lot of fun in the process.
For three days in June, our team had another summer workshop. This time it was designed to work on different mechanical ideas we had come up with during the build season. Team members had made the suggestion many times that they would love to be able to work on ideas before and after build season. That way they could be better prepared when it came time for build season. This was also a way for us to have people that were interested in joining our team come and have a hands-on experience. We had two levels of building: people who were more experienced worked on making a t-shirt cannon, the newcomers worked on building a basic frame for a generic robot and basic programming for it. Everyone who was new to robotics loved it. Both groups were successful and said they had learned a lot of new skills.